Volume 8 (1998)

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Meatim Sed et Rustica: Ælfric of Eynsham as a Medieval Latin Author
Christopher A. Jones

Interpreting the Interpretation: The Polysemy of the Latin Gloss
Gernot Wieland

Readers and Wolves: Late-Medieval Commentaries on “De lupo et capite”
A.E. Wright

A Previously Unpublished History of the Trojans
Marvin L. Colker

Chronology and Discourse in the Vita Ædwardi Regis
Victoria B. Jordan

Misogyny in a Medieval University? The “Hoc contra malos” Commentary on Walter Map’s Dissuasio Valerii
Neil Cartlidge

Traditional Teaching or Modernist Manifesto? Matthew of Vendôme’s Criticisms of Ancient Poetry in the Ars versificatoria
Michael Meckler

Review Article: The Seventh-Century School of Canterbury: England and the Continent in Perspective
Bernice M. Kaczynski


Fleur Adcock, ed. and trans. Hugh Primas and the Archpoet.
Joseph Pucci

Martha Bayless. Parody in the Middle Ages. The Latin Tradition.
Christopher J. McDonough

Michele Camillo Ferrari. Sancti Willibrordi venerantes memoriam.
Dáibhí Ó Cróinín

Evelyn Scherabon Firchow, ed. Notker der Deutsche von St. Gallen: De interpretatione: Boethius’ Bearbeitung von Aristoteles’ Schrift peri hermeneias: Konkordanzen, Wortlisten und Abdruck des Textes nach dem Codex Sangallensis 818. Eadem, with Richard Hotchkiss, ed. Notker der Deutsche von St. Gallen: Categoriae: Boethius’ Bearbeitung von Aristoteles’ Schrift kategoriai: Konkordanzen, Wortlisten und Abdruck der Texte nach den Codices Sangallensis 818 und 825.
John Magee

Michael W. Herren. Latin Letters in Early Christian Ireland.
John J. Contreni

Vivien Law. Wisdom, Authority and Grammar in the Seventh Century. Decoding Virgilius Maro Grammaticus.
Dáibhí Ó Cróinín

M. Michèle Mulchahey, ed. Fra Nicola da Milano, Collationes de beata virgine. A Cycle of Preaching in the Dominican Congregation of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Imola, 1286–1287.
E. Ann Matter

Joaquín Martínez Pizarro. Writing Ravenna: The Liber Pontificalis of Andreas Agnellus.
Thomas F.X. Noble

Dieter Schaller, Studien zur lateinischen Dichtung des Frühmittelalters
Gregory Hays

Richard Sharpe. A Handlist of the Latin Writers of Great Britain and Ireland before 1540.
Ralph Hanna

Keith Sidwell. Reading Medieval Latin.
Carla DeSantis

Joseph Szövérffy. Secular Latin Lyrics and Minor Poetic Forms of the Middle Ages: A Historical Survey and Literary Repertory from the Tenth to the Late Fifteenth Century.
Thomas C. Moser, Jr.

Aaron E. Wright, ed. The Fables of ‘Walter of England’ Edited from Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek, Codex Guelferbytanus 185 Helmstadienis.
Frank T. Coulson

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