Volume 4 (1994)

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The Vita Sancti Fredemundi of Henry of Avranches
David Townsend

Images of Church and State: From Sulpicius Severus to Notker Balbulus
Joaquín Martínez Pizarro

Re-Reading St. Patrick
Catherine Conybeare

“Andreas Capellanus
Peter Dronke

Mapping Human Limitations: The Tomb Ecphrases in Walter of Châtillon’s Alexandreis
Maura K. Lafferty

St. Martin and the Leper: Narrative Variation in the Martin Poems of Venantius Fortunatus
Michael Roberts

“Iubiter et Iuno”: An Anglo-Latin Mythographic Poem, edited from Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Digby 64 and British Library MS Cotton Vespasian E.xii
Siân Echard

The Quis dabit of Oglerius de Tridino, Monk and Abbot of Locedio
C. W. Marx

On Rhetoric and Grammar in the Hisperica famina
Gabrielle Knappe


Ronald E. Pepin. Scorn for the World: Bernard of Cluny’s “De Contemptu mundi.” The Latin Text with English Translation and an Introduction
Jill Mann

Edoardo D’Angelo. Indagini sulla tecnica versificatoria nell’esametro del Waltharius
Dennis M. Kratz

Siân Echard and Claire Fanger, ed. and trans. The Latin Verses in the “Confessio Amantis”: An Annotated Translation
Michael W. Twomey

Liudprand of Cremona. Relatio de legatione Constantinopolitana, ed. and trans. Brian Scott
Peter L. D. Reid

Frances Beer. Women and Mystical Experience in the Middle Ages.
Anne L. Clark. Elizabeth of Schönau: A Twelfth-Century Visionary
Nicholas Watson

Latin Culture and Medieval Germanic Europe, ed. Richard North and Tette Hofstra
Hartwig Mayer

“Aevum inter utrumque”: Mélanges offerts à Gabriel Sanders, ed. Marc van Uytfanghe and Roland Demeulenaere
Walter Goffart

Terence O. Tunberg, ed. Speeches from the “Oculus pastoralis,” edited from Cleveland, Public Library, MS Wq 7890921M-C37
Ronald G. Witt

Peter Godman. “The Ideas of Ernst Robert Curtius and the Genesis of ELLMA.” Epilogue to Ernst Robert Curtius, European Literature and the Latin Middle Ages, trans. Willard R. Trask
Mark Vessey

Michelle P. Brown. Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts.
Christopher de Hamel. Scribes and Illuminators
Jennifer Morrish Tunberg

Riccardo Quadri (with Roland Demeulenaere), ed. Heirici Autissiodorensis homiliae per circulum anni
Dennis Brearley

St. Dunstan: His Life, Times, and Cult, ed. Nigel Ramsay, Margaret Sparks and Tim Tatton-Brown
Scott Gwara

Juan Fernández Valverde, ed. Roderici Ximenii de Rada breviarium historie catholice
J. N. Hillgarth

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