Volume 25 (2015)

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Franz Brunhölzl (12 June 1924 – 6 June 2014)
Michele Ferrari


Rethinking Fredegar’s Prologue
Justin Lake

Hirmindrut Sculdarissa: A Ninth-Century Woman’s Original Letter and its Implications
Hailey La Voy

The Ghent Manuscript of Terence and its Intellectual Environment
Andrew Turner

Poet, Scholar, Trickster: Israel the Grammarian and his “Versus de arte metrica”
Seppo Heikkinen

Augustini Hipponensis Africitas
Catherine Conybeare

The Babenbergs and the Cult of St. Coloman: Saint Formation and Political Cohesion in Eleventh-Century Austria
Alexander O’Hara

Elucidations and Emendations to Guibert of Nogent’s Monodiae
Joseph McAlhany

Sowing Virtue: Commentaries on Horace’s Epistles from the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
Karin Margareta Fredborg


Burrus, Virginia and Marco Conti, eds. The Life of Saint Helia: Critical Edition, Translation, Introduction, and Commentary
Lucy K. Pick

Faletra, Michael A. Wales and the Medieval Colonial Imagination: The Matters of Britain in the Twelfth Century
Brent Miles

Feros Ruys, Juanita, John O. Ward, and Melanie Heyworth, eds. The Classics in the Medieval and Renaissance Classroom: The Role of Ancient Texts in the Arts Curriculum as Revealed by Surviving Manuscripts and Early Printed Books
Roberto Angelini

Grondeux, Anne. À l’école de Cassiodore: Les figures “extravagantes” dans la tradition occidentale
Massimiliano Vitiello

Kretschmer, Marek Thue, ed. La typologie biblique comme forme de pensée dans l’historiographie médiévale
Line Cecilie Engh

Lake, Justin. Richer of Saint-Rémi: The Methods and Mentality of a Tenth-Century Historian
Michael D. Barbezat

Lazzari, Loredana, Patrizia Lendinara, and Claudia Di Sciacca, eds. Hagiography in Anglo-Saxon England: Adopting and Adapting Saints’ Lives into Old English Prose (c. 950-1150)
Tristan Major

Linde, Cornelia, ed. Nicolaus Maniacoria, Suffraganeus Bibliothece
Frans van Liere

Nechutová, Jana, ed. Magistri Ioannis Hus Enarratio Psalmorum (Ps. 109-118)
Thomas A. Fudge

Orme, Nicholas, ed. English School Exercises, 1420-1530
Irina Dumitrescu

Pettorelli, Jean-Pierre and Jean-Daniel Kaestili, eds. Vita Latina Adae Et Evae ; Frey, Albert, Jean-Daniel Kaestli, Bernard Outtier and Jean-Pierre Pettorelli, eds. Synopsis Vitae Adae et Evae, Latine Graece, Armeniace et Iberice
Frans van Liere

Pucci, Joseph. Augustine’s Virgilian Retreat: Reading the Auctores at Cassiciacum
Catherine Conybeare

Rillon-Marne, Anne-Zoé, ≪Homo considera≫: La pastorale lyrique de Philippe le Chancelier. Une étude des conduits monodiques
Roberto Angelini

Tombeur, Paul, ed. Rodulfi Trudonensis Gesta abbatum Trudonensium I-VII, Epistulae; Tombeur, Paul, ed. Gisleberti Trudonensis Gesta abbatum Trudonensium VIII-XIII
Neil Adkin

Tremp, Ernst and Schmuki, Karl, eds. Alkuin von York und die geistige Grundlegung Europas: Akten der Tagung vom 30. September bis zum 2. Oktober 2004 in der Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen
Vanina Madeleine Kopp

Van Houts, Elisabeth M. C. and Rosalind C. Love, eds. and trans. The Warenne (Hyde) Chronicle
Laura Napran

Zacher, Samantha. Preaching the Converted: The Style and Rhetoric of the Vercelli Book Homilies
Stephen Pelle

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