Volume 24 (2014)

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Quotation, Revision, and Narrative Structure in Giraldus Cambrensis’s Itinerarium Kambriae
Georgia Henley

Notes on John of Garland, Epithalamium Beatae Virginis Mariae Gregory Hays
Learning for God: Education in the Carolingian Age
John J. Contreni

La figure de Guillaume de Gellone d’après la Vita sancti Willelmi (v. 1125) : quelques remarques sur ses modèles hagiographiques
Jean Meyers

Puer and Pueritia in Bede’s Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum
Andreas Lemke

The Manipulus florum, Johannes Nider’s Formicarius, and Late Medieval Misogyny in the Construction of Witches prior to the Malleus maleficarum
Chris Nighman

The Epistolae Duorum Amantium, Abelard, and Heloise: An Annotated Concordance
C. Stephen Jaeger

Lexomic Analysis of Medieval Latin Texts
Sarah Downey, Michael D. C. Drout, Veronica E. Kerekes, et al.

Another Manuscript of Walter Map’s “Dissuasio Valerii”
Ralph Hanna


Constance Brittain BOUCHARD, ed. Three Cartularies from Thirteenth-Century Auxerre
Jonathan Herold

Catherine A. M. CLARKE. Writing Power in Anglo-Saxon England: Text, Hierarchies, Economies
Fabienne Michelet

Chiara CRISCIANI and Gabriella ZUCCOLIN, eds. Michele Savonarola: Medicina e cultura di corte
M. Michèle Mulchahey

Mary GARRISON, Áprád P. ORBÁN, and Marco MOSTERT, eds. Spoken and Written Language: Relations between Latin and the Vernacular Languages in the Earlier Middle Ages
Lucie Doležalová

James GRIER, ed. Ademari Cabannensis opera liturgica et poetica, Musica cum textibus
Ritva Maria Jacobsson

John HAINES, ed. The Calligraphy of Medieval Music
James Grier

Eric KNIBBS and E. Ann MATTER, eds. Alcuini Eboracensis, De fide sanctae Trinitatis et de incarnatione Christi [and] Quaestiones de sancta Trinitate
Michael Winterbottom

Anne A. LATOWSKY. Emperor of the World: Charlemagne and the Construction of Imperial Authority, 800–1229
Vanina Madeleine Kopp

David LUSCOMBE, ed., Betty RADICE, trans., and David LUSCOMBE, translation rev. The Letter Collection of Peter Abelard and Heloise
Alexander Andrée

J. MARTÍNEZ GÁZQUEZ, Ó. DE LA CRUZ PALMA, and C. FERRERO HERNÁNDEZ eds. Estudios de Latín Medieval Hispánico
Ainoa Castro Correa

Franco MORENZONI, ed. Guillelmi Alverni Sermones de tempore
Carolyn Muessig

Cecilia PANTI, ed. and trans. Roberto Grossatesta La Luce
Joseph Goering

Peter RIEDLBERGER, ed. and trans. Philologischer, Historischer und Liturgischer Kommentar zum 8. Buch der Johannis des Goripp nebst kritischer Edition und Übersetzung
Michael W. Herren

Lorenz WEINRICH, trans. Sicard von Cremona: Mitralis, Der Gottesdienst der Kirche
Neil Adkin

Wanda ZEMLER-CIZEWSKI, trans. Peter Abelard: An Exposition on the Six-Day Work; Steven R. CARTWRIGHT, trans. Peter Abelard: Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans
Willemien Otten

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