Volume 2 (1992)

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Obituary: Bernhard Bischoff (1906–1991)


The Latin Vocabulary of Illicit Sex in English Ecclesiastical Court Records
Ruth Mazo Karras

A Note on Jezebel and Semiramis, Two Latin Norman Poems from the Early Eleventh Century
Elisabeth M. C. van Houts

Thomas Bradwardine, “De memoria artificiale adquirenda”
Mary Carruthers

An Irish Textual Critic and the Carmen paschale of Sedulius: Colmán’s Letter to Feradach
Richard Sharpe

Theodulf of Orléans, Cadac-Andreas and Old Irish Phonology: A Conundrum
Keith Sidwell

A Newly-Identified Manuscript of Wulfstan’s “Commonplace Book,” Rouen, Bibliothèque Municipale, MS 1382 (U.109), fols. 173r–198v
J.E. Cross

Alcuin’s Ambiguous Attitude Towards the Classics
Gernot Wieland

After Aldhelm: The Teaching and Transmission of the Anglo-Latin Hexameter
Andy Orchard

Vaticanus latinus 2877: A Hitherto Unedited Allegorization of Ovid’s Metamorphoses
Frank T. Coulson and Urania Molyviati-Toptsis

Three Acrostic Poems by Abbo of Fleury
Scott Gwara


De ortu grammaticae: Studies in Medieval Grammar and Linguistic Theory in Memory of Jan Pinborg, ed. G. L. Bursill-Hall, Sten Ebbesen and Konrad Koerner
Bengt Löfstedt

Margaret Jennings. The “Ars componendi sermones” of Ranulph Higden, O.S.B.
Joseph Goering

Rosamund McKitterick. The Carolingians and the Written Word
John Marenbon

A.P. Orbán, ed. Novus Phisiologus: Nach Hs. Darmstadt 2780
J. B. Hall

Dilwyn Knox. Ironia: Medieval and Renaissance Ideas on Irony
Haijo J. Westra

Eileen Gardiner, ed. Visions of Heaven and Hell before Dante
Maura Lafferty

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