Volume 11 (2001)

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Obituary: Joseph Szövérffy (1920–2001)
Jan Ziolkowski


Latin Glosses on the Office Hymns in Eleventh-Century Continental Hymnaries
Susan Boynton

Sex and Power in Thebes and Babylon: Oedipus and Semiramis in Classical and Medieval Texts
Elizabeth Archibald

A New Passage of William of Malmesbury’s Gesta Pontificum
Michael Winterbottom

Baudri of Bourgueil, “To Countess Adela”
Monika Otter

Persius’s Satires in Anglo-Saxon England
Phillip Pulsiano

The Literary Background to the Encomium Emmae Reginae
Andy Orchard

The “Greek Element” in the Cosmographia of Aethicus Ister
Michael W. Herren

An Unpublished Library Catalogue from Eighth-Century Lombard Italy
Walter Berschin

Additional Note on the “Library Catalogue of Charlemagne’s Court”
Tino Licht


Paolo Chiesa, ed., Paolo Diacono. Uno scrittore fra tradizione longobarda e rinnovamento carolingio. Atti del Convegno Internazionale di Studi. Cividale del Friuli-Udine, 6–9 maggio 1999
Carmela Vircillo Franklin

John J. Contreni and Pádraig P. Ó Néill, eds., Glossae Divinae Historiae. The Biblical Glosses of John Scottus Eriugena
Carmela Vircillo Franklin

Siân Echard, Arthurian Narrative in the Latin Tradition
Robert M. Stein

Siân Echard and Gernot R. Wieland, eds., Anglo-Latin and its Heritage: Essays in Honour of A.G. Rigg on his 64th Birthday
Ralph Hanna

Anne Grondeux, Brian Merrilees, and Jacques Monfrin, eds., Duo Glossaria. Anonymi Montepessulanensis Dictionarius. Le glossaire latin-français du Ms. Montpellier H236 et Glossarium Gallico-Latinum, le glossaire français-latin du Ms. Paris lat. 7684
Charles F. Briggs

Thomas Haye. Oratio: Mittelalterliche Redekunst in lateinischer Sprache
Martin Camargo

Mikel M. Kors and Helen Rolfson, eds. Gerlaci Petri Opera Omnia
Nicholas Watson

Maura Lafferty, Walter of Châtillon’s ‘Alexandreis’: Epic and the Problem of Historical Understanding
Gregory Hays

Doris Nachtmann, ed., Hinkmar von Reims, De cavendis vitiis et virtutibus exercendis
Daniel Sheerin

Peter Orth, ed., Hildeberts Prosimetrum De Querimonia und die Gedichte eines Anonymus: Untersuchungen und kritische Editionen.
Gernot Wieland

A.G. Rigg, ed., A Book of British Kings 1200 BC–1399 AD
Cynthia J. Neville

Jean-Yves Tilliette, éd. et trad., Baldricus Burgulianus. Baudri de Bourgueil. Carmina
Madeleine Jay


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