Volume 5 (1995)

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The Composition and Authorship of the De miraculis Sancti Eadmundi Attributed to “Hermann the Archdeacon”
Antonia Gransden

The Beast and the Beauty: The Reorientation of “The Donkey” from the Middle Ages to the Brothers Grimm
Jan M. Ziolkowski

The Vita Sancti Edmundi of Henry of Avranches (corrigenda in volume 6)
David Townsend

Vocabvlarivm Petrarchicvm Minvs: A Handlist of Late Antique and Medieval Latin Words in the Works of Petrarch
Conrad H. Rawski

The Gesta Regum of William of Malmesbury
Michael Winterbottom

Reminiscence and Reality: Text, Translation and Testimony of an Alcuin Letter
D.A. Bullough

Clavis Operum Hucbaldi Elnonensis: Bibliographie des oeuvres d’Hucbald de Saint-Amand
Yves Chartier

Review Article: Phyllis B. Roberts, Thomas Becket in the Medieval Latin Preaching Tradition
Nicole Bériou


Louis-Jacques Bataillon. La prédication au XIIIe siècle en France et Italie
Penny J. Cole

M.M. Hildebrandt. The External School in Carolingian Society: Education and Society in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, vol. 1
David Ganz

Wolfgang Maaz. Lateinische Epigrammatik im hohen Mittelalter
Bengt Löfstedt

A.P. Orbán, ed. Vitae Sanctae Katharinae
David Townsend

Elizabeth Revell, ed. The Later Letters of Peter of Blois
Giles Constable

Le rire du prédicateur. Récits facétieux du Moyen Âge, trans. Albert Lecoy de la Marche
Penny J. Cole

Jody Enders. Rhetoric and the Origins of Medieval Drama
Jane Freeman

William Melczer. The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostele
Lucy K. Pick

Andy Orchard. The Poetic Art of Aldhelm
Gernot Wieland

Richard Newhauser. The Treatise on Vices and Virtues in Latin and the Vernacular
Sarah Spence

Leo Reilly, ed. Petrus Helias, Summa super Priscianum
G. L. Bursill-Hall

Francesco Stella. La poesia carolingia latina a tema biblico
Michael Roberts

Eric Hicks, ed. La vie et les epistres. Pierres Abaelart et Heloys sa Fame
John R. Clark

Martin Irvine. The Making of Textual Culture: “Grammatica” and Literary Theory, 350–1000
Michael Winterbottom

P.D.A. Harvey. Medieval Maps
Maura Lafferty

Jeremy Yudkin. De musica mensurata, The Anonymous of St. Emmeram: Complete Critical Edition, Translation, and Commentary
James Grier


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