Volume 3 (1993)

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Obituary: Edmé Renno Smits (May 17, 1950–May 19, 1992)


The Humour of Logic and the Logic of Humour in the Twelfth-Century Renaissance
Jan Ziolkowski

Editing the Chronicle of Gui de Bazoches
Thomas A.-P. Klein

Woman Not to Preach: A Disputation in MS Harley 31
Alcuin Blamires and C. W. Marx

The Tractatus super quatuor elementa of Walter of Wimborne
Anna Kirkwood

Review Article: Michel Banniard, Viva Voce
Roger Wright

The Patristic and Anglo-Latin Origins of Alcuin’s Concept of Urbanity
Mary Alberi

The Outer Metric in Joseph of Exeter’s Ylias and Odo of Magdeburg’s Ernestus
Edoardo D’Angelo

La redécouverte d’un manuscrit du De amore d’André le Chapelain
Bruno Roy et George Ferzoco

Columbanus, Letter 1: Translation and Commentary
Robert Stanton

“Iuvenes vestri visiones videbunt:” Visions and the Literary Sources of Patrick’s Confessio
Danuta Shanzer


Dictionnaire des auteurs grecs et latins de l’antiquité et du moyen âge, trans. Jean Denis Berger and Jacques Billen
Penny J. Cole

Michel Lapidge, ed. Anglo-Saxon Litanies of Saints
Roger E. Reynolds

Gerard O’Daly. The Poetry of Boethius
John Magee

Penny Cole. The Preaching of the Crusades to the Holy Land, 1095–1270
Beverly Mayne Kienzle

Hugo von Lüttich. Peregrinarius, ed. Franz Unterkircher and Paul Gerhard Schmidt
Terence O. Tunberg

Ewald Könsgen, ed. Die “Gesta militum” des Hugo von Mâcon: Ein bisher unbekanntes Werk der Erzählliteratur des Hochmittelalters
Marvin L. Colker

Monika Rener, ed. Petri Presbyteri Carmina: Text und Kommentar
A. G. Rigg

Tony Hunt. Teaching and Learning Latin in Thirteenth-Century England
A. G. Rigg

Paul E. Dutton, ed. Bernard of Chartres, Glosae super Platonem
Charles Burnett

J. B. Voorbij. Het Speculum historiale van Vincent van Beauvais: Een studie van zijn onstaansgeschiedenis
Elisabeth M. C. van Houts

Otto Prinz, ed. Die Kosmographie des Aethicus
Michael W. Herren

Mathias Bielitz. On Editing the Music from the Daniel Play of Beauvais: Reply to a Recent Review


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