Volume 13 (2003)

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An Approach to the Meaning and Value of the Epistolarum Liber of Godfrey of Rheims
Helena de Carlos

So Many Saints – So Little Time … the Libri Miraculorum of Gregory of Tours
Danuta Shanzer

The Rapularius and “The Turnip” in Grimms’ Fairy Tales: The Making of a Märchen from Medieval Matter
Jan M. Ziolkowski

Bernardus Silvestris’s Cosmographia and its Optimism (with an appendix of comments and suggestions on the text of the Cosmographia)
Milena Minkova

The Date and Identity of the Mythographer Fulgentius
Gregory Hays


Walter Berschin. Biographie und Epochenstil im lateinischen Mittelalter. IV/1: Ottonische Biographie / Das hohe Mittelalter. 920–1220 n. Chr., Erster Halbband, 920–1070 n. Chr., and IV/2: Zweiter Halbband, 1070–1220 n. Chr.
Jan M. Ziolkowski

François Dolbeau, Anne Grondeux, Anita Guerreau-Jalabert, and Michel Lemoine, eds. Novum Glossarium Mediae Latinitatis, ab Anno DCCC usque ad Annum MCC.
Charles F. Briggs

Belinda A. Egan, ed. Oswaldi de Corda Opus Pacis.
Dennis D. Martin

Paolo Gatti, ed. Un glossario bernense (Bern, Burgerbibliothek, A. 91 [18]). Edizione e commento.
Gregory Hays

Peter Christian Jacobsen, ed. Die Carmina des Kardinals Deusdedit (†1098/99).
Thomas C. Moser, Jr.

Ewald Könsgen, ed. and trans. Die Gedichte Arnulfs von Lisieux (†1184).
Christopher J. McDonough

Bengt Löfstedt, ed. Hrabani Mauri Expositio in Matthaeum.
J. Clare Woods

L.T. Martin, ed. Homiliarium Veronense.
Charles D. Wright

Antonio Piras, ed. Passio sancti Saturnini (BHL 7491) ad fidem codicum qui adhuc exstant nunc primum critice edita ac commentario instructa ab Antonio Piras. Accedunt legenda (BHL 7490), hymnus (BHL 7491b), recensio Iohannis Arca nec non epitome passionis sancti Saturnini (BHL 9035p).
Richard F. Gyug

Emmanuel Poulle, ed. Giovanni Dondi dall’Orologio, Tractatus Astrarii: Édition critique et traduction de la version Ag.
John North

José María Sánchez Martín, ed. Isidori Hispalensis Versus.
Lucy K. Pick

Susan S. Schearer, ed. and trans. Francesco Petrarch On Religious Leisure (De otio religioso) and Theodore J. Cachey, Jr., ed. and trans. Petrarch’s Guide to the Holy Land: Itinerary to the Sepulcher of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Richard Morton

Dorothea Walz, ed. Johannes von Frankfurt. Zwölf Werke des Heidelberger Theologen und Inquisitors.
A.E. Wright

Carsten Wollin, ed. Saints’ Lives by Walter of Châtillon: Brendan, Alexis, Thomas Becket.
E. Gordon Whatley

Paolo Zanna, ed. Dungal, Responsa contra Claudium: A Controversy on Holy Image.
Celia Chazelle

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