Volume 1 (1991)

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Editor’s Foreword


Jan M. Ziolkowski

Dyname Patrice de Marseilles
Dag Norberg

Literacy, Orality and Medieval Patronage: A Phenomenological Outline
Haijo J. Westra

Henry of Huntingdon’s Metrical Experiments
A.G. Rigg

The Transmission of the Historia Regum Britanniae
Michael D. Reeve

The “De imagine Tetrici” of Walahfrid Strabo: Edition and Translation
Michael W. Herren

Grammar and Arithmetic in Two Thirteenth-Century English Monastic Collections: Cambridge, Sidney Sussex College, MS 75 and Oxford, Bodleian Library 186 (S.C. 2088)
Vivien Law and James P. Carley

The Symbolic Cities of Hildegard of Bingen
Peter Dronke


Robert A. Kaster. Guardians of Language: The Grammarian and Society in Late Antiquity
Martin Irvine

Joachím Martínez Pizarro. A Rhetoric of the Scene: Dramatic Narrative in the Early Middle Ages
Walter Goffart

Tradition und Wertung: Festschrift für Franz Brunhölzl zum 65. Geburtstag, ed. Günter Bernt, Fidel Rädle and Gabriel Silagi
David Ganz

Nancy Porter Stork. Through a Glass Darkly: Aldhelm’s Riddles in the British Library MS Royal 12.C.XXIII
Gernot Wieland

Hilarii Aurelianensis: Versus et ludi: epistolae: Ludus Danielis Belouacensis, ed. Walter Bulst and M. L. Bulst-Thiele
Andrew Hughes

Jezebel. A Norman Latin Poem of the Early Eleventh Century, ed. Jan M. Ziolkowski
Elisabeth M. C. van Houts


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