Volume 10 (2000)

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The Hisperica Famina as Literature
Andy Orchard

The Long or the Short of it? Amplification or Abbreviation?
A.G. Rigg

Nota Bene: Why the Classics were Neumed in the Middle Ages
Jan Ziolkowski

Bischoff’s Theory of Exegesis and the Genesis Commentary in Munich clm 6302: A Critique of a Critique
Charles D. Wright

A Collection of Stories in a Codex of Assisi
Marvin L. Colker

The Ovidian Verse Epistles of Master Leoninus (1135–1201)
Bruce Holsinger And David Townsend

A Metrical Vita S. Iudoci from Tenth-Century Winchester
Michael Lapidge

Review Article: Medieval Latin: An Introduction and Bibliographical Guide. Ed. F.A.C. Mantello and A.G. Rigg
Ralph Hexter

The Gloucester Manuscript of the Medulla grammatice: An Edition
Vincent P. McCarren


Walter Berschin, ed. Miscellanea Bibliothecae Apostolicae Vaticanae, V: Palatina-Studien. 13 Arbeiten zu Codices Vaticani Palatini latini und anderen Handschriften aus der alten Heidelberger Sammlung.
John J. Contreni

Charles Burnett and Peter Dronke, eds. Hildegard of Bingen. The Context of her Thought and Art.
Jacqueline Murray

Francesco Mosetti Casaretto, trans. Theodulus. Ecloga. Il canto della verità e della menzogna.
Carla DeSantis

Christine Mundhenk, ed. Der Occultus Erfordensis des Nicolaus von Bibra.
Joseph Pucci

Alexander Callander Murray, ed. After Rome’s Fall: Narrators and Sources of Early Medieval History: Essays Presented to Walter Goffart.
John J. Contreni

Lodi Nauta, ed. Guillelmi de Conchis glosae super Boetium.
John Magee

David Rollason, ed. Symeon of Durham: Historian of Durham and the North.
Charles F. Briggs

Theodore Silverstein and Anthony Hilhorst, eds. Apocalypse of Paul: A New Critical Edition of Three Long Latin Versions.
Frederick M. Biggs


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