Volume 21 (2011)

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Editor’s Foreword
Gernot Wieland


Fritz Wagner (1934–2011)
Albrecht Classen


From Liber versuum to Poetria nova: The Evolution of Geofrey of Vinsauf’s Masterpiece
Martin Camargo

The Hispanic Vernacular Reception of William of Orléans’s Bursarii ovidianorum: The Translations of Ovid’s Heroides
Josep Pujol

Bede’s Homily on Benedict Biscop (Hom. i. 13)
Michael Winterbottom

John of Garland’s Clauis Compendii: Notes and Explications
Gregory Hays

The Seventh-Century Hiberno-Latin Treatise Liber de ordine creaturarum: A Translation
Marina Smyth

Alan of Lille, De planctu Naturae: The Fall of Nature and the Survival of Poetry
Winthrop Wetherbee

Claves and Clavigeri: Medieval Source Repertories in the Twenty-First Century (A Review Essay)
J.R. Webb


Dieter Bitterli, Say What I Am Called: The Old English Riddles of the Exeter Book and the Anglo-Latin Riddle Tradition
Robert Getz

Elfassi, J., ed., Isidori Hispalensis episcopi Synonyma
Alexander Andrée

Jean Grosfillier, Les séquences d’Adam de Saint-Victor: Étude littéraire (poétique et rhétorique), textes et traductions, commentaires
Pascale Duhamel

Peter Hochgürtel, ed., Alexandri Neckam Suppletio Defectuum Carmina Minora
R.M. Thomson

Gunilla Iversen and Nicolas Bell, eds., Sapientia et Eloquentia: Meaning and Function in Liturgical Poetry, Music, Drama, and Biblical Commentary in the Middle Ages
Kate Helsen

Kraebel, A.B., ed., The Sermons of William of Newburgh
Marc B. Cels

Jill Mann, From Aesop to Reynard: Beast Literature in Medieval Britain
Andrew Galloway

F.A.C. Mantello and Joseph Goering, trans., The Letters of Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln
Julian Haseldine

José Carlos Martín, with Carmen Cardelle de Hartmann and Jacques Elassi, Sources latines de L’Espagne tardo-antique et médiévale (Ve–XIVe siècles)
Lucy K. Pick

Joseph Pucci, Poems to Friends: Venantius Fortunatus. Translated, with Introduction and Commentary
Michael Dewar

Simon Tugwell OP, ed., Humberti de Romanis Legendae Sancti Dominici
Andrew Romig

Franz van Liere and Mark Zier, eds., Andrew of Saint Victor, Expositio super Duodecim Prophetas and Franz van Liere, trans., Andrew of Saint Victor, Commentary on Samuel and Kings
Franklin T. Harkins

Roger Wright, ed., Latin vulgaire – latin tardif: Actes du VIIIe colloque international sur le latin vulgaire et tardif. Oxford, 6–9 septembre 2006
Gregory Hays

Jan M. Ziolkowski, Solomon and Marcolf
Michael Meckler

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