Merovingian Letters and Letter Writers (A. Tyrrell)

A. Tyrrell, Merovingian Letters and Letter Writers (PJML 12)

This book, useful for both scholars and students of Late Antique Gaul, is a survey of 600 plus Latin letters written during the Merovingian era (ca. 500-750) by bishops and other clergy, highly-placed laymen, women, popes, and royalty. Various aspects of the correspondence are discussed, including amicitia, literary circles, gift-giving, letter-bearers, Scripture usage, and women’s writing. An appendix supplies English summaries of the letters, many of which have not received translation into any modern language. Primary sources from the Frankish kingdom during the Merovingian era (ca. 500-750) are few and far between. This volume is a survey of more than 600 Latin letters, selected by the author, that were exchanged between persons in Gaul during that time period. Many are almost entirely unknown and have never been translated into any modern language.

Alice Tyrrell received her Master’s and PhD degrees in Medieval Studies from the University of Toronto. She is currently an independent scholar living in Victoria, BC.

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