Volume 20 (2010)

Twenty Years of JMLat – Some Personal Reflections
Michael Herren

Virginia Brown (1940–2009)
Frank T. Coulson

François Kerlouégan (1933–2009)
Michael Herren

Claudio Leonardi (1926–2010)
Michael Lapidge

Paul Gerhardt Schmidt (1937–2010)
Michael Lapidge


Patrick’s Confessio and Jerome’s Epistula 52 to Nepotian
Andrew Cain

Patrician and Augustinian Ideas of the “Inner Man”
Jennifer Karyn Reid

Naming, Knowing, and the Object of Language in Alexander Neckam’s Grammar Curriculum
Rita Copeland

Denuo on Lucan, the Orpheus and “Aethicus Ister” : Nihil Sub Sole Novum
Richard Matthew Pollard

William of Malmesbury and the Normans
Michael Winterbottom

Biblical Allusion and Prophetic Authority in Gildas’s De excidio Britanniae
Nicholas Perkins

The Literary Remains of Adam, Abbot of Evesham (1161–1189)
David C. Cox

Studies on the “Ars Grammatici Sergi{li}i” with an Edition
Richard M.A. Marshall

Brief Lives of Sidonius, Symmachus, and Fulgentius Written in Early Twelfth Century England?
Tina Chronopoulos


Gunilla Björkvall, ed. Prosules de la messe, 3: Prosules de l’offertoire.
James Grier

Andrew Cain. The Letters of Jerome: Asceticism, Biblical Exegesis, and the Construction of Christian Authority in Late Antiquity.
Julian Haseldine

Francesca Sara d’Imperio, ed. Explanatio super Ecclesiasten (Clm 14614): Un’epitome carolingia del Commentario all’Ecclesiaste di Alcuino di York.
Eric Knibbs

Greti Dinkova-Bruun. Liber prefigurationum Christi et ecclesie. Liber de gratia noui testamenti.
Michael Fox

Peter Dronke, Christopher P. Evans, Hugh Feiss, Beverly Mayne Kienzle, Carolyn A. Muessig, Barbara Newman, eds. Hildegardis Bingensis Opera minora.
Constant J. Mews

Felix Heinzer, Klosterreform und mittelalterliche Buchkultur im deutschen Südwesten.
Julian Hendrix

Huygens, R.B.C., ed. Christianus dictus Stabulensis, Expositio super librum generationis.
Alexander Andrée

Édouard Jeauneau, ed. Guillelmi de Conchis Glosae super Platonem.
Thomas Ricklin

Erika Kihlman. Expositiones sequentiarum: Medieval Sequence Commentaries and Prologues. Editions and Introductions.
James Grier

Thomas Klein, ed. Mente Caelum Inhabitans.
Haijo Jan Westra

Michael Lapidge, ed. and trans. Byrhtferth of Ramsey: The Lives of St Oswald and St Ecgwine.
Scott DeGregorio

Tino Licht, ed. and trans. Sigebert von Gembloux († 1112): Acta Sanctae Luciae.
Scott G. Bruce

Judith Olszowy-Schlanger, et al., eds. Dictionnaire Hébreu-Latin-Français de la Bible Hébraïque de l’Abbaye de Ramsey (XIIIe s.).
Eva De Visscher

Peter Stotz, ed. Dichten als Stoff-Vermittlung: Formen, Ziele, Wirkungen. Beiträge zur Praxis der Versifikation lateinischer Texte im Mittelalter.
Gernot R. Wieland

Christina Thomsen Thörnqvist, ed. Anicii Manlii Severini Boethii. De syllogismo categorico, and Anicii Manlii Severini Boethii. Introductio ad syllogismos categoricos.
Rondo Keele

David Townsend, ed. An Epitome of Biblical History: Glosses on Walter of Châtillon’s Alexandreis 4.176–274.
Andrew Galloway

Tom van de Loo, ed. Conradi de Mure Fabularius.
Greti Dinkova-Bruun

Joseph C. Wey and Girard J. Etzkorn, eds. Walter Chatton: Lectura super Sententias, vol. 3.
Rondo Keele

Jan M. Ziolkowski, Fairy Tales from Before Fairy Tales: The Medieval Latin Past of Wonderful Lies.
Andrew Scheil

Jan M. Ziolkowski, Bridget K. Balint With Justin Lake, Laura Light, and Prydwyn O. Piper, eds. A Garland of Satire, Wisdom, and History: Latin Verse from Twelfth-Century France (Carmina Houghtoniensia).
Joseph Pucci


Issue on Brepolis Periodica Online

Volume 19 (2009)

Obituary: Giovanni Orlandi (1938–2007)
Obituary: Manuel Cecilio Díaz y Díaz (1924–2008)


Anselm as Author: Publishing in the Late Eleventh Century
Richard Sharpe

Addenda and Corrigenda to Incipitarium Ovidianum (II)
Frank T. Coulson

Archangelum mirum magnum: An Hiberno-Latin Hymn Attributed to Máel Rúain of Tallaght
Westley Follett

Discussing Love: The Epistolae duorum amantium and Abelard’s Sic et Non
Constant J. Mews

Real and Metaphorical Libraries in Virgil the Grammarian’s Epitomae and Epistolae
Rory Naismith

The Liber ex lege Moysi: Notes and Text
Sven Meeder

Adam of Barking: Work in Progress
George Rigg

The Sermons on the Virtues and Vices for Lay Potentates in the Carolingian Sermonary of Salzburg
James C. McCune


P.F. Alberto, ed. Eugenii Toletani Opera Omnia.
Gregory Hays

Rolf H. Bremmer, Jr., and Kees Dekker, eds. Foundations of Learning: The Transfer of Encyclopaedic Knowledge in the Early Middle Ages.
Michael Twomey

David R. Carlson, ed. The Deposition of Richard II. “The Record and Process of the Renunciation and Deposition of Richard II.”
Chris Given-Wilson

Greti Dinkova-Bruun, ed. The Ancestry of Jesus. Excerpts from Liber generationis Iesu Christi filii David filii Abraham (Matthew 1:1–17).
Andrew J. Cain

Lucie Doležalová. Reception and its Varieties: Reading, Re-Writing, and Understanding Cena Cypriani in the Middle Ages.
Michael Meckler

Joseph C. Wey and Girard J. Etzkorn, eds. Walter Chatton: Lectura super Sententias.
Rondo Keele

Fiona J. Griffiths. The Garden of Delights: Reform and Renaissance for Women in the Twelfth Century.
Laura Grimes

Felice Lifshitz. The Name of the Saint. The Martyrology of Jerome and Access to the Sacred in Francia, 627–827.
Meinolf Vielberg

Jean Meyers, ed. Les miracles de saint Etienne. Recherches sur le recueil pseudo-augustinien (BHL 7860–7861) avec édition critique, traduction et commentaire.
Carmela Vircillo Franklin

Michael D. Reeve, ed., Neil Wright, trans. Geoffrey of Monmouth. The History of the Kings of Britain: An Edition and Translation of De gestis Britonum (Historia Regum Britanniae).
Andrew Scheil

Els Rose, ed. Missale Gothicum e codice Vaticano Reginensi latino 317 editum.
Richard Gyug

Rudolf Schieffer and Jarosław Wenta, eds. Die Hofgeschichts-schreibung im mittelalterlichen Europa.
Steven A. Stofferahn

Sumi Shimahara, ed. Études d’exégèse carolingienne: Autour d’Haymon d’Auxerre.
Matthew D. Ponesse

Robert M. Stein, Reality Fictions: Romance, History, and Governmental Authority, 1025–1180.
Anne Savage

David Townsend, trans. Walter of Châtillon. The Alexandreis: A Twelfth-Century Epic.
Robert M. Stein

Valeriano Yarza Urquiola and Carmen Codoñer Merino, eds. Ildefonsi Toletani Episcopi De uirginitate Sanctae Mariae; De cognitione baptismi. De itinere deserti; De uiris illustribus.
Michael Kulikowski

Wim Verbaal, Yanick Maes, and Jan Papy, eds. Latinitas Perennis. Volume I: The Continuity of Latin Literature.
Gernot Wieland

Kenneth Baxter Wolf, trans. The Deeds of Count Roger of Calabria and Sicily, and of His Brother Duke Robert Guiscard by Geoffrey Malaterra.
Joanna Drell

Jan M. Ziolkowski, trans. Letters of Peter Abelard, Beyond the Personal.
Julian Haseldine

Jan M. Ziolkowski. Nota Bene. Reading Classics and Writing Melodies in the Early Middle Ages.
Peter Stotz


Issue on Brepols Periodica Online

Volume 18 (2008): Proceedings of the Fifth International Congress for Medieval Latin Studies (Toronto 2006), fascicle two

[Preface to Vol. 17/18]


Sallust in St. Emmeram: Hand-schriften und Kommentare in der Bibliothek des Klosters St. Emmeram (Regensburg)
Carmen Cardelle De Hartmann

The Instruction of Monks in Christian of Stavelot’s Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew
Matthew Ponesse

The Pursuit of Secular Learning: The Oldest Commentary Tradition on Martianus Capella
Mariken Teeuwen

Fulco, Arnulf, and William: Twelfth-Century Views on Ovid in Orléans
Wilken Engelbrecht

The Notes of Anastasius on Eriugena’s Translation of the Corpus Dionysiacum
Réka Forrai

Interpreting the Past: Some Medieval Texts on Trojan Matter
Helena de Carlos

The Commentator Knows Better than the Author
Paul Gerhard Schmidt

Bible, Exegesis, Literature, and Society
Danuta Shanzer

Albert the Great Interpreting Aristotle: Intimacy and Independence
Isabelle Moulin

Quelques études récentes sur le vocabulaire philo-sophique du latin médiéval: leur rôle et signification dans l’interprétation des textes latins
Giacinta Spinosa

Zwischen Grammatik und Theologie: Hymnen-kommentierung im Hoch- und Spätmittelalter
Peter Stotz

Candida sanctarum sic floret gloria rerum: Aldhelm’s Aenigmata as a Riddle of Interpretation
Rafał Borysławski

Translating the Texts where et verborum ordo mysterium est: Late Old English Idiom vs. ablativus absolutus
Olga Timofeeva

Las motivaciones generales de las traducciones medievales latinas del Corán
José Martínez Gázquez y Nadia Petrus

Releasing Sins in Vergil’s Margins: a Liturgical Prosa in Bern, Burgerbibliothek MS 167
Michael Meckler

Las Traducciones Coránicas de Alfonso Buenhombre
Antoni Biosca I Bas

The Role of Interpretive Studies in Medieval Latin Philology
Jan M. Ziolkowski

Musica speculativa in the Cambridge Commentary on Martianus Capella’s De nuptiis
Andrew Hicks

Hebrew Went Latin: Reflections of Latin Diplomatic Formulae and Terminology in Hebrew Private Deeds from Thirteenth-Century England
Philip Slavin

Alcuin’s Expositio in epistolam ad Hebraeos
Michael Fox

Walter Berschin

Cristianos y Musulmanes en la Historia Arabum de Rodrigo Jiménez de Rada
Cándida Ferrero Hernández

Epistolae duorum amantium: nuovi paralleli testuali per gli inserti poetici
Francesco Stella

Interpretazioni e commenti all’Arte di Raimondo Lullo in Italia nei secc. XIV–XV : la Lectura Artis generalis di Joan Bolons
Marta M.M. Romano

Giovanni di Reading e la Recezione degli Analitica Posteriora
Francesco Fiorentino

Language and Culture: How Anglo-Saxon Glossators Adapted Latin Words and their World
Hans Sauer

Medieval Latin Studies Today: Status and Prospects
Walter Berschin


Issue on Brepols Periodica Online