J.R. O’Donnell Memorial Lecture Series

The lecture series was established in 1992 to honour the memory of Rev. Prof. J.R. O’Donnell, who passed away in 1988. O’Donnell was a Basilian priest educated at the University of Toronto and the École des Chartes. From the 1930s to his retirement in 1971 he taught Medieval Latin, palaeography, and the edition of texts at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies and in the Classics Department at the University of Toronto. His rigorous teaching standards were carried over into his scholarship. His book Nine Mediaeval Thinkers and his articles on Calcidius, Alcuin, Bernard Silvestris, and Coluccio Salutati are cited as authoritative contributions to this day. The series is intended to commemorate O’Donnell’s wide interests that embraced philology, the classical tradition, and medieval philosophy and theology. It is also meant to give prominence to the general field of Medieval Latin Studies.

  1. Father Leonard E. Boyle, O. P., Prefect, The Vatican Library
    • “The Vatican Library: Its Resources for Medieval Latin Studies”
    • Tuesday, 12 January 1993, Alumni Hall SMC
    • Not published by author’s request
  2. Professor Peter Dronke, Professor of Medieval Latin, University of Cambridge
  3. Professor Michael Winterbottom, Corpus Christi Professor of Latin, University of Oxford
  4. Professor Mary Caruthers, Professor of English, New York University
  5. Professor Brian Stock, Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Toronto
    • “Ethical Values and Literary Imagination in the Later Ancient World”
    • 27 September 1996, Alumni Hall SMC
    • Not published by author’s request
  6. Professor Gernot Wieland, Professor of English, University of British Columbia
  7. Dr. Vivien Law, Reader in Linguistics, Sydney Sussex College, Cambridge
  8. Professor Jan Ziolkowski, Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature, Harvard University
  9. Prof. Dr. Walter Berschin, Professor of Medieval Latin, University of Heidelberg
  10. Professor Danuta Shanzer, Professor of Classics, [quondam] Cornell University
  11. Professor Terence Tunberg, Professor of Latin, University of Kentucky
  12. Professor Ralph Hexter, President and Professor of Comparative Literature, Hampshire College
    • “From the Medieval Historiography of Latin Literature to the Historiography of Medieval Latin Literature”
    • Friday, 12 November 2004, Alumni Hall SMC
    • Published, JMLat 15 (2005), 1–24
  13. Professor Bernice M. Kaczynski, Professor of History, McMaster University
    • “The Authority of the Fathers: Patristic Texts in Early Medieval Libraries and Scriptoria”
    • Friday, 24 March 2006, Alumni Hall SMC
    • Published, JMLat 16 (2006), 1–27
  14. Professor Richard Sharpe, Professor of Diplomatic, University of Oxford
  15. Professor Rita Copeland, Professor of Classics and English, University of Pennsylvania
    • “Naming, Knowing, and the Object of Language in Alexander Neckham’s Grammar Curriculum”
    • Friday, 30 January 2009, The Great Hall CMS
    • Published, JMLat 20 (2010), 38–57
  16. Professor Claudio Moreschini, Professor of Classical Philology, University of Pisa
    • “Hermetism in the Twelfth Century”
    • Friday, 23 October 2009, Alumni Hall SMC
    • Not published by Author’s request
  17. Professor Winthrop Wetherbee, Professor of English and Classics, Cornell University
  18. Professor Martin Camargo, Professor of English, University of Illinois
  19. Professor Carmela Vircillo Franklin, Professor of Classics, Columbia University
    • “History and Rhetoric in the Twelfth Century Redaction of the Liber Pontificalis
    • Friday, 30 November 2012, The Great Hall CMS
    • Forthcoming in JMLat 23 (2013)
  20. Professor John J. Contreni, Professor of History, Purdue University
    • “Learning for God: Education in the Carolingian Age”
    • Friday, 7 February 2014, The Great Hall CMS
    • Forthcoming in JMLat 24 (2014)

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